About QRC

QRC has been operating since early 2007, providing Compliance Services to a variety of boutique and brand-name clients in Queensland.

Jenny Mulders Director & Founder

Jenny Mulders - Director & Founder of QRC

Jenny Mulders – Director & Founder


Jenny Mulders has had over 25 years experience in the financial services industry both in Australia and in the UK, specialising in Compliance and Regulation since 1992;

Jenny has held Senior Compliance Roles at Citicorp, Lehman Brothers, Suncorp and Wilson HTM before starting QRC in 2007.

Jenny has participated on numerous industry committees including the FPA, SAFAA, ASX, SFA and the Bank of England;


Jenny is a qualified Accountant and is also RG146 compliant.

QRC is supported by a team of in-house and outsourced specialists in addition to Jenny Mulders specialising in Compliance Programs, Financial Planning and Investment.

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Compliance and Quality Assurance:

  • Development of a Compliance Program to suit the requirements of your business;
  • Provide or assist with documentation of Policies and Procedures to support the Compliance Program;
  • Review and development of documented Compliance Plan(s) for Registered Managed Investment Schemes;
  • Compliance monitoring processes;
  • Compliance Auditing;
  • AFSL Licence applications and variations; and
  • AFSL Licensee and representative reviews.

Risk Management

  • Guidance on how to analyse your business to identify your risks,
  • Assist you identify how the business mitigates or reduces those risks and
  • Assistance with documenting what to do in the event that the identified risk occurs; OR
  • Provide you with template risk analysis frameworks for you to follow and implement;

Financial Products/Asset Classes

Experience in all the following financial products and asset classes:
– Securities;
– MDA’s;
– Managed Funds (Property and Equity), including IDPS;
– Derivatives;
– Foreign Exchange;
– Insurance (General and Life);
– Superannuation;
– Standard Margin Lending;
– Fixed Interest (Govt and ADI issued);